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Stemming from an art collective mentality, Bagavagabonds is centered on the pursuit of creative collaboration, community involvement and the desire to promote purpose in what we do.

Bagavagabonds' goal as a company is to ensure that each project employs a creative touch that not only provides a unique and interactive experience, but also sets apart the company or brand involved. The objective is to assure a connection is made and remembered by the intended audience.

Bagavagabonds has the ability to see a project from soup to nuts. From a proven think-tank for branding campaigns, to event concepts, activation ideas, creative building and sourcing the necessary elements, to finally producing and executing the job from start to finish . . . 

Bagavagabonds is a one-stop shop that is constantly looking for new opportunities to undertake with like-minded companies and brands.


The collective


In the beginning, Bagavagabonds (also known as BV) bound together to form a support vest for its members, offering a platform for collaboration and a cause for their endeavors. Throughout the years, the collective has proudly presented the creative feats of family & friends within BV's own curated art events. From painting & photography to music & live art installation, these events serve as a creative home for those interlaced with BV, in steadfast hopes of keeping the “starving artists” mentality alive.




Dear Future is a collaborative partner and financial supporter of visual and performing arts programs for students in South Central Los Angeles. Our program enables exposure to 21st century skills via artist mentorship, the curation of events and art shows, experiential field trips and leadership development.

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