BLVD on the Pier, a pop-up beer garden for four Sundays on the Santa Monica Pier, was thee spot for enjoying a weekend afternoon beverage! The partnering of Los Angeles area brands/companies helped to naturally promote the Boulevard name into the local lexicon as well as drive traffic to the event. Of course the KC pride was in full effect with many transplants in attendance. Whether patrons were sitting back listening to the music from live bands and DJ's, playing the many different games or shopping at the trunk shows - This garden had something for everybody and was the best of the west side for a bit of Sunday fun - that many are sad to see end. 


"This should be here all the time! This is exactly what the west side needs"
"The Radler is my favorite drink ever!"
"What a great way to introduce itself to Californians."
"I've been to all 4 and have brought more people each time."